Dominated by the landmark Oppenheimer Tower which gives a panoramic view of Soweto, the Credo Mutwa Cultural Village is a fascinating outdoor museum that tracks the merging of ancient African culture with a Westernised urban world. Sculptures offer a glimpse into age-old beliefs, myths and folklore.
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Credo Mutwa Village



Credo Mutwa Cultural Village

Located in the heart of Soweto, the Credo Mutwa Cultural Village contains a remarkable collection of sculptures and buildings that form an outdoor museum of African art, culture and folklore. More

Timeless tales


Paintings by Credo Mutwa have been donated by Shelley-Ann Hinks, who believes they should complement the mythological works in the village. Attached to the paintings are Mutwa’s explanations. More



Khayalendaba, the place of stories, offers a unique cultural mix. Here, in the shadow of the Oppenheimer Tower, Shaka, the legendary Zulu warrior, stands shoulder to shoulder with Moshoeshoe, the great Basotho strategist, as they pay homage to Mveliqangi, the Zulu deity, with Ernest Oppenheimer, the mining magnate, staring at the pre-colonial villages below. The distinction between the historical and the mythical, the living and the dead, the rural and the urban, the real and the imaginary is blurred.


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Oppenheimer Tower
The historic Oppenheimer Tower is a prominent Soweto landmark. Built in 1957, it offers a panoramic bird’s eye view of the township. It was built from bricks from demolished houses belonging to people who were moved to Moroka from newly declared white areas closer to the city.
Walk up the steps to the Oppenheimer Tower

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Where to find us:

991 Majoeng Street, on the corner of Ntsane Street
Central Western Jabavu


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Daily, 6am – 6pm