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Samuel Daniell was an English painter of natural history and other scenes in Africa and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). He arrived in Cape Town in December 1800 in his early twenties, and was part of an expedition from the Cape to Botswana. Daniell drew and painted pictures of people he met on the journey, including communities of San people and Boer farmers. Museum Africa holds a number of Daniell's paintings of people as well as sketches of animals he saw on the expedition to Botswana.

'Kininianah', Daniell, Samuel c.1802


'Pallah (Impala) Buck' Daniell, Samuel c.1802


'Kininianah', Daniell, Samuel c.1802


'Caracal–sleeping' Daniell, Samuel c.1802


'Female Hartbeast (Hartebeest) - head' Daniell, Samuel c.1802